About us

Thanh Giong Horse Club was established with the purpose of connecting, sharing passion, knowledge and riding skills for all those who love outdoor activities, especially horse riding. Starting from the image of Thanh Giong riding a horse into the sky after completing the mission of defeating foreign invaders to protect the country in Vietnamese legends, the club's board of directors wishes to create motivation, passion, and enthusiasm of youth through horse-riding and horse-care activities to convey the message of love for animals, education about tradition, and awareness of environmental protection to the younger generation.
Coming to the club, members not only share and experience skills in this sport, but also experience extremely attractive activities organized or coordinated by the club's board of directors; such as getting to know and take care of horses, horseback riding, taking pictures with horses... and many club's annual events that are meaningful to the community.
English name:        THANH GIONG HORSE CLUB
Hotline/Zalo:           (84) 0946 414 486
Email:                      thanhgiongclub18@gmail.com
Fanpage:                 ThanhGiongHorseClub 

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